HTRI software products are widely recognized as the industry standard for the design, rating, and simulation of heat transfer equipment. These thermal analysis and design tools are backed by our long-running proprietary research program.

HTRI Xchanger Suite® 7.2.1

HTRI Xchanger Suite provides tools for a wide variety of heat transfer equipment including shell-and-tube and non-tubular exchangers, air coolers and economizers, heat recovery bundles, fired heaters, and more. These programs are regularly updated as we obtain and analyze new research data.

HTRI Xchanger Suite® Educational 7.1

HTRI Xchanger Suite Educational is a version of Xchanger Suite customized for use by educational institutions. Supported by extensive data collected for over 50 years on our industrial-scale heat transfer equipment, this software quickly and accurately handles heat exchanger calculations.

Exchanger Optimizer™

Finding the best solution for your heat transfer system requires careful evaluation of capital, installation, operating, and maintenance costs. Exchanger Optimizer™ simplifies the complicated design process and could potentially save your company millions. Engineers can use this software to quickly obtain relative cost estimates, compare multiple configurations, and select the most cost-effective configuration.


Software from Other Companies

HTRI also licenses, distributes, and provides technical support for software products from other companies that provide our members with a full-range of options for their thermal process needs.

Honeywell UniSim® Heat Exchangers R440

Honeywell UniSim® Heat Exchangers are validated programs designed for use by the process design community for the thermal design and simulation of heat exchange equipment. They offer a high level of confidence in predicting heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics in single- and two-phase flow, including considerations such as flow stability and maldistribution, and provide comprehensive fluid property predictions to support these.

EHT 2.2

Software for evaluating heat transfer and pressure drop performance of enhanced surfaces.

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