Each year, HTRI trains thousands of end-users worldwide through our best in class training program. HTRI is the premier provider of training for heat exchanger technology and its application in industry.

Why attend our training?
We provide you the best training possible—the kind based on the latest robust research results, reliable software methods, and relevant industry standards. And all courses include quality manuals you can review after the training ends.

HTRI Xchanger Suite provides tools for a wide variety of heat transfer equipment including shell-and-tube and non-tubular exchangers, air coolers and economizers, heat recovery bundles, fired heaters, and more. These programs are regularly updated as we obtain and analyze new research data.

Interested in HTRI training?
We offer many short courses and workshops on HTRI research, methods, and software.

Have trouble getting away from your office for a day of training?
For HTRI members, we provide free hour-long webinars on a variety of topics. Because we can adjust the content based on participants′ needs, these webinars can help you answer specific questions about our methods or software. Webinars are offered live, with recordings available on the HTRI website. We currently offer different webinar tracts—Beyond the Basics, Is My Design OK?, Research Updates, and TechTips. The webinar topics vary monthly, and new topics are added frequently.

Need a quick refresher?
Don't have the time to rewatch an entire webinar, but need a reminder of how to change a feature in Xchanger Suite?
HTRI now has a Tutorials Page. A refresher is just a few clicks, and a few minutes, away.

Want onsite training?
Companies may contract for onsite training. Course fees are subject to change to reflect equipment rental, instructor travel expenses, number of participants, course customization, and instructor availability.


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